New reports indicate that 60% of Americans are either overweight (10-20% over normal) or obese (even heavier). Believe it or not, obesity-related disability and disease far exceed damage from smoking in America. Can we solve the problem? Maybe. We can tell you that prescribed, drug-dependent weight control (like Phen-Fen) is a big, non-holistic step in the wrong direction. Please don’t catch yourself waiting for a miracle drug.

1: Avoid foods that contain high amounts of fat (cheese is not an any-time meal-maker; it’s usually about 70% grease). Revert to intelligent substitutes like Pam, skim milk and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spray. Go grease-free.

2: Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits – especially veggies. Bulk up on fresh tomatoes, fresh apples, bananas and a variety of vegetables. When did you last see an overweight jack-rabbit?

3: Strive for a 50-50 plan of 50% whole, unprocessed grains, vegetables and fruits – your “carbs” – balanced with 50% high quality protein including beans, fish, chicken breast, etc. Avoid diets like the Atkins diet which are high in protein and also high in fat (believe it or not, they give sausage, bacon, hot dogs, etc. the green light!). Normal weighers can go 40-60 protein to carbs.

4: Don’t drink a lot of calories. Sugar sweetened sodas, juice-drinks and alcoholic beverages can contribute beaucoup calories (exception: don’t pass up fresh-squeezed O.J. if you’re so lucky). Water – fresh, pure water is the ultimate drink; don’t waste money on imposters!

5: Don’t just drink a lot of water – EAT water (No, you don’t chew ice cubes, Silly). Foods such as beans, whole grains and whole-wheat pastas absorb most of the water they are cooked in and they are rich in fiber. They fill you UP and have staying power. Amen to homemade soups.

6: Avoid taste bud over-stimulation, for example, by eating Chinese/Mexican/Italian/Texas barbeque/burgers and fries for suppers during the same week. Recreational feeders tend to overeat by 15%! Ouch! If you want “taste,” use fresh herbs to liven up your favorite low-fat dishes.

7: Eat more frequently! 4 or 5 stream-lined feedings a day control hunger better and also reduce the lassitude that may be felt after a big meal. Protein/fresh fruit shakes are good for this purpose. Your “supersized” stomach may even shrink back to normal size!

8: To boost your metabolism burn more calories. Walk 1-2 miles a day over a 30-45 minute time span in addition to your other exercise. Labs and Golden Retrievers need 2 hours exercise per day. You’re not exactly a Pekinese or a Shih Tzu!

9: Use a comprehensive nutritional supplement like Nutriex at 2-3 different times per day. Take your Nutriex capsules with a glass of water preceding mealtime. Nutriex is, in summation, key nutrients with essentially no calories. Yes, just the opposite of French fries… key nutrients with essentially no calories!

10: Don’t eat desserts. We apologize, we’re sorry and we re-apologize… you’re grounded from cheesecake, chocolate mousse, pie a’la mode, etc. These modern concoctions are addictive and “hugely” caloric. Choose fresh fruits instead.

11: Weigh yourself daily or bi-daily. Consider weigh-in as an essential preparation; don’t get caught clueless. Unbeknownst “baby gains” of 1-2 pounds are a fundamental cause of the over-weight/obesity epidemic.

You need not focus on anybody but yourself. Seek slow, enduring improvement. Please don’t be in a hurry. You can win the Battle of the Bulge.

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