Our history, who drives us, and who helps guide us
Nutriex was created in 1999 by Dr. Thomas Rosenberg, Dr. Randall Olson, and bioengineer Kathleen Deffner in response to their clinical requirements for nutrients, in lieu of drugs, which could fuel healing mechanisms in their treatments of eye and orthopedic conditions. Rosenberg had observed that regular NSAIDs for arthritis were "cover-up drugs" with unacceptable long term side effects. At age 46, his own wear-and-tear arthritis needed a sustainable solution that would work via natural pathways of anti-inflammatory and joint nutrition. Dr. Olson recognized that of the dozen existing prescriptions for dry eye syndrome, none actually healed the condition. He optimized an omega-3 preparation that became Nutriex Omega-3/Fish Oil.
Recognizing the advantages of multi-system nutrient supplementation and to assist formulation, a science panel was created. Experts in preventive cardiology, immunology, gerontology, exercise science, nutrition and others were recruited. Nutriex Health was formulated and manufactured in Ogden, Utah under FDA standards and the highest manufacturing scrutiny. Later, products were also deemed to be important and then formulated to supplement athlete nutrition, protein, omega-3, bone and joint, and a low-cost multivitamin without joint nutrients over a 10-year period. Nutriex products have been adopted by health providers and sport-defining athletes in cycling, rock climbing, golf, winter sports, rodeo, and hundreds of their recreational counterparts. Thousands of patients have benefitted by the Nutriex products to amplify good nutrition and to avoid unnecessary drug prescriptions. Serving sizes are customized to your weight and quality of your diet. We use clinically proven, highest quality ingredients that are prepared for optimal absorption and higher value over other leading supplements. In every case possible, pure, organic ingredients that are devoid of toxic residue are used.

Nutriex Science Panel

Nutriex science panel members believe in taking an active role to optimize health and prevent disease. Members are well-recognized leaders in their respective specialties.

Dan Carr, MD

Orthopedist, Sports Medicine

Kathleen Deffner, MS

Bioengineer, Medical Research Consultant
Harry Hill

Harry Hill, MD, PhD

Pathology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Laboratory Medicine, University of Utah

Steve Johnson, PhD

Associate Dean, Strategic Initiative, Human Physiology & Nutrition, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Cambria Judd McGee, MD

Director, Hoag Functional Medicine

Cynthia Levinthal, MBA

Molecular and Cell Therapy Research, Diagnostic Testing

Patrick McBride, MD

Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tara Muhr

Randall Olson, MD

Ophthalmologist, Chair and CEO, The Moran Eye Center, University of Utah School of Medicine

Thomas Rosenberg, MD

Orthopedist, Knee Specialist, Preventive Health Researcher

Kim Wheelwright

Formulation Specialist

JD Ethington, PA-C


Joshua Minori, DO

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine

Spenser Reed, MD

Family & Integrative Medicine

Nutriex Athlete Advisory Panel

The Nutriex Athlete Advisory Panel exists to provide vital feedback from those participating in the top of his/her sport or activity. Athletes rely on Nutriex products to protect their bodies from the rigor of competition and to recover from endurance efforts.


Jamie is a member of the US National Squash Team and also qualified for the US Team to compete in the last two World Duathlon Championships.
“With the active lifestyle I lead with coaching squash as my job and then competing in both Squash tournaments and Duathlon events in my spare time, I know how important nutrition is to keeping healthy. I am happy that after 5 years of taking Nutriex Sport, I have been able to compete in two sports at the very highest level. I would definitely recommend Nutriex Sport to athletes who are looking to add a nutritional supplement to their present regime.” —Jamie Crombie


Joe is a professional rock climber who has established climbing routes at the top of the difficulty scale around the world.
“Without Nutriex Sport I really doubt I could climb 5 days in a row on my project. This stuff is just as important as my shoes, rope, and motivation. I trust in this stuff. A supplement that is geared toward my athletic endeavors is what I needed. Nutriex Sport gives me the recovery and preventative health that I have to have.” —Joe Kinder


Rick Wyatt began mountain guiding and snow avalanche work in 1975. Since that time, he has climbed and skied throughout much of the world, from local bouldering to an attempt on the North Face of Mount Everest. He is the former lead avalanche forecaster for UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation, and is also an AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) certified Alpine Guide, an AAA (American Avalanche Association) certified Avalanche Instructor, Senior Guide with Exum Mountain Guides Wyoming and Utah Mountain Adventures. He served a stint as the international representative for ski mountaineering and avalanches for the American Alpine Club.
As an aging athlete, the challenge has been to slow my physical and performance decline and I greatly appreciate the simplicity of getting complete nutritional and joint support from one supplement — Nutriex Sport. Nutriex Sport has actually bought back a little time by reducing my recovery time and has improved my current peak performance. —Rick Wyatt


Kit is the first person in the world to have skied off the top of the 7 Summits which are the highest points on each of the 7 continents. This lofty goal was made complete with her October 18, 2006 ski descent from Mount Everest.
“Nutriex is so amazing, I have been taking it in daily life and during expeditions since I was first introduced to it in 2002 when I had my meniscus repaired. Everything noteworthy that I have accomplished with my skiing has been post knee repair and I am sure that the nutritional support has played a role in making that possible.” —Kit DesLauriers


Shannon was the silver medalist in moguls at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the bronze medalist at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and in 2003 was the World Cup Champion. With her bronze medal in 2010, she became the first US women's freestyle skier to win multiple Olympic medals.
“Nutriex has been one of the most vital ingredients to not only my health, but helping me reach the podium at the Olympics. It is the only multivitamin that contains glucosamine and chondrointin that I notice a significant difference in the comfort of my joints. As a 12-year member of the U.S. Mogul Team and 2-time ACL knee surgery recipient, for me to have healthy joints is absolutely crucial. Nutriex has been there with me every step of the way, thank you Nutriex for being the best of the best!” —Shannon Bahrke


Jimmy is one of the most sought-after expedition photographers working today. He is also a sponsored climber and skier for The North Face Athlete Team. In the past decade, Jimmy has worked with some of the greatest adventurers, climbers and skiers in the world, documenting everything from first ascents of unclimbed towers in the Karakoram, to ski descents of high peaks in the Himalayas.


Chris Sharma is one of the top rock climbers in the world. He has pioneered some of the most difficult rock climbs throughout the globe and won countless competitions over the years.
“I’ve been taking Nutriex Sport for two years now and I notice a difference in my ability to recover and climb for many days in a row. It has really helped my body maintain a rhythm of intense climbing day after day, at my limit.” —Chris Sharma


Kristen Ulmer, Former member, US Mogul Team Kristen Ulmer began as a mogul skier on the US Ski Team and quickly turned to Big Mountain skiing- jumping off cliffs for cameras and performing you-fall-you-die ski descents around the world. She was subsequently named the best extreme woman skier in the world for 12 years in a row.
Since being on the US Ski Team, my knees haven't been the same (mogul skiing no less) - might have had something to do with the dual ACL ligament blow-outs and the eight knee surgeries. I assumed I could no longer be competitive. Someone suggested these little gold and white pills, which I took faithfully. After six weeks, the function in my knees had improved - it was amazing. Thank you so much Nutriex! —Kristen Ulmer


Lynsey Dyer is a Sun Valley, Idaho native who has won every big-mountain competition she's ever entered including the overall Extreme skiing tour in 2005. She has appeared in Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research films, and this past winter, she was awarded Female Skier of the Year 2010 by Powder Magazine. In 2006, Dyer co-founded the non-profit She Jumps, which seeks to get girls into outdoor sports and offers avalanche safety and learn-to-ski clinics. She currently resides in Jackson, Wyoming.
“I feel very fortunate to be supported from the inside out with Nutriex products. As an athlete, these extra nutrients make all the difference when it comes to staying healthy and at the top of my game. High five to a product that makes a measurable difference!” —Lynsey Dyer


“I have been an elite level cross country skier for Salomon and bike racer for many road teams for 21 years. I still race at this level because I recover quicker when I use Nutriex Sport and Fish Oil. The Nutriex Sport helps my joints to last longer and feel stronger during the Pro, Cat 1 and 2 stage races that I compete in all over the country. I love the Fish Oil product because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Recovery is so important for "masters racers" like myself. I rely on Nutriex everyday so I have the advantage to remain competitive with guys just half my age. Thanks!” —Gardie Jackson


A true all-around climber, Pete has excelled in sport, alpine, aid and mixed climbing, as well as in bouldering and free soloing. He is the author of three books and his most recent book "An Eye at the Top of the World" won the 2007 Himalayan literature award. He is a writer for Outside, Senior Contributing Editor to Rock and Ice and contributor to Climbing, Backpacker, and Sports Afield.
“Nutriex has helped me recover from shoulder surgery and quells those aches and pains. I use it fanatically; at home, on the road, and on expeditions.” —Pete Takeda

Dry Creek Charity

Since inception in 2011, Dry Creek Charity has undertaken over 50 projects locally and internationally in areas of school construction, food relief, clean water, scholarships, preventive health, and many others.
As a non-profit foundation, Dry Creek has also embraced Nutriex for its products and their roles in preventive health. As a not-for-profit, Nutriex pricing can be one third that of a for-profit company and only one quarter that of typical MLMs.

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