Our product inventories are currently extremely low; as such, we are limiting orders of NUTRIEX Sport and Health to 1 bottle and orders of NUTRIEX Basic37 to 2 bottles.

COVID-19 has impacted us all in unprecedented ways. Early on, we anticipated a “run” on dietary supplements because of their ability to strengthen the immune system; as such, we placed manufacturing orders months ahead of our typical lead time. What we didn’t anticipate, however, was that many of the high quality ingredients we use in our products would be inferior upon arrival. In order to comply with our stringent quality standards, our manufacturer has repeatedly rejected many of the individual ingredients, some of them multiple times! Each incident requires weeks of delays to bring in new product, test it, and ensure that it meets our standards. Delays are compounded when ingredients are returned multiple times; we’ve also seen significant COVID-related delays on the few ingredients that we do bring in from overseas (for example, turmeric from India).

Please know that we are committed to providing you with the quality you have come to expect from Nutriex, even if it results in product delays. We caution you that other companies may unknowingly not be able to do the same, especially if they do not have the advanced testing capabilities we have.

One strategy you may consider to “stretch” your Sport or Health is to combine it with Basic37 – take 1 Basic37 and half the amount of either Sport or Health. It will not only double the time your product lasts, but also may allow us to have product back in stock by the time you’re ready to order more.

We value your business and thank you for your continued support.

Stay Healthy,
The Nutriex Team