Nutritional Needs for Older Athletes

As we age, our nutritional needs change. Especially after age 50, athletes require higher levels of essential nutrients like the B vitamins and protein in order to maintain exceptional health and to optimize muscle and cardiovascular functions.  It’s important to:

  1. Fuel your body with high quality food (see links below for more information):
  2. Supplement with a high quality vitamin like Nutriex Sport or Nutriex Health – Nutriex products are different from all the other supplements on the market today. Our products build in anti-inflammatory and joint nutrients to allow athletes and other adults to stay active and recover quickly from injury or surgery and  customize serving sizes according to your weight and quality of your diet. The clinically proven, highest quality ingredients are more easily absorbed than other leading supplements.
  3. Consume adequate levels of protein…active, older adults need a lot! Check out our Protein Intake Calculator to see how much and learn more about protein
  4. Take advantage of the many health benefits of fish oil, whether from fatty fish, supplements, or both
  5. Embrace other aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as adequate sleep and stress reduction.

Other key information on healthy lifestyle and disease prevention can be found in our Nutriex Insights.

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