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Health is unique in that it contains 42 essential vitamins and minerals at quantities high enough to provide a health benefit (rather than just prevent disease). We created unique instructions for use - the quantity you take factors in diet quality, age, and weight. Smaller, younger people with healthy eating habits need and take less than those whose diets and lifestyles require more. Free from unnecessary synthetic fillers, artificial coloring, or chemical additives.

Our high-quality source of turmeric in Health (and Sport and Basic) circulates in the blood and is available for the body to use a full 8-9 hours after consumption, unlike lower-quality products that clear the body in 1-2 hours.

We test the ingredients in our products at multiple steps throughout the manufacturing process to ensure Purity and we follow stringent microbial testing criteria


In advanced countries 90% of serious diseases are “degenerative”, slowly progressive processes which eventually lead to system failure. In our modernized, comfort-based society we may not recognize them until failure occurs such as compression fracture of a vertebra (osteoporosis), joint pain and limping (osteoarthritis), chest pain and heart attack (arteriosclerosis), and blood-tinged stool and bowel obstruction (advanced cancer of the colon). The following diseases are often “degenerative” in their development:

The key point is that these “degenerative” processes that eventually lead to obvious diseases can be prevented. Early implementation of 1) optimizing nutrition, 2) exercising daily, and 3) achieving an ideal body weight can help prevent these diseases.

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