Free Nutriex Basic 37 For Those On The Front Lines

While poorly understood by medical specialists, epidemiologists, physicians, researchers, etc., all agree that the human immune system is primarily important in warding off potentially harmful viruses like COVID-19.

Nutriex Basic37 has been formulated as a multi-nutrient, multi-system preparation for the immune system. While nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D, the B family, zinc, selenium and green tea extract may be helpful separately, the broadly complemented immune system formulation of Nutriex Basic is superior. Regular Nutriex users have frequently reported excellent resistance to colds and flus.

Nutriex began 20 years ago as a altruistic company focused on preventive health. Our initial motto was (and is) STAY HEALTHY! Now in response to the COVID-19 threat, we are providing Nutriex Basic37 to vulnerable populations at no charge. We will include Nutriex Basic37 in your regular order if you desire. You may in turn share to vulnerable individuals like our front-line healthcare workers and others who are at greater risk. Physicians recommendations are welcome. Nutriex Basic37 can back up a suspect diet.

As a reminder, other key contributors to immune system health are very important as well. These include moderate exercise, wholesome nutrition, sleep, hydration, personal hygiene, absence of smoking, stress management, etc. Remember: the immune system is your own “front-line”, helping ward off viral illnesses!

To receive your free bottles of Basic37 (limit 3 per order), simply choose how many bottles you’d like as your free gift at checkout.

Nutriex Basic 37 Multivitamin